Talking Science with Gina Turrigiano

Talking Science is a unique opportunity to meet and talk about neuroscience with a leading researcher in an informal atmosphere - a two-day program for the PhD students of LMU, TUM, and the MPIs.

This year's guest is Gina Turrigiano (Professor in the Deptartment of Biology, the Volen Center for Complex Systems, and the Center for Behavioral Genomics at Brandeis University).

Gina Turrigiano graduated from Reed College with a BA in 1984 and received her PhD from University of California, San Diego in 1990. She then moved on to post-doctoral studies with Eve Marder at Brandeis University. In 1994 she took up a faculty postion at Brandeis where she is now Joseph Levitan Professor of Vision Science in the Department of Biology. Her work has been fundamental in discovering, and elucidating the roles of homeostatic plasticity - mechanisms by which neurons and circuits self-tune to adjust their excitability. Her lab continues to investigate homeostatic plasticity mechanisms , the roles these mechanisms play in the development and function of cortical circuits, and how they interact with other forms of synaptic plasticity such as LTP.

The program consists of the main talk, a public discussion, and two round table discussions. Additionally, there is the possibility for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or one-on-one meetings with Professor Turrigiano. Sign up here!

Wednesday, 14. 12. at 11:00 LMU Biocentre B01.019
Julius Bernstein Lecture: Self-tuning neurons and firing rate homeostasis in experience-dependent plasticity
Thursday, 15. 12. at 10:30, 10:30am, LMU Biocentre D00.003
Open Forum: Can we bridge the gap between synaptic plasticity and memory?
Wednesday, 14. 12. and Thursday, 15. 12.
Round table discussions and meetings (details upon registration)
Gilles Laurent (MPI for Brain Research)
Ed Boyden (MIT)
Larry Abbott (Columbia University)
Nikos Logothetis (MPI for Biological Cybernetics)
May-Britt Moser (Kavli Institute of Systems Neuroscience)
Karel Svoboda (Janelia Research Campus)
Markus Meister (Caltech)

Talking Science is made possible through the generous support of the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Munich and organized by: